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The most important task of our life is to find the right partner for us. We start dreaming about the perfect one for us since childhood. We look for it in everyone we meet. He/she should be the one who can understand you, make you smile, and be with you throughout your life. Life will become easier with him/her. Once you have found the right partner then comes wedding, which has to be the most memorable moment of your life and it will be all you have to do is to contact THE BEST WEDDING PLANNERS as we the BEST WEDDING PLANNERS IN DELHI NCR.

In wedding there are so many events like mahandi ,sangeet , and wedding photo shoot for both groom and bride. All function will be taken care by us without any worries. Best Wedding Planners will turn you wedding into a vacation for your family, one that you will cherish throughout your life. we want your happiness and satisfaction.Best wedding Planners provide services in GURGAON . Best location for a wedding is a farm-house. Gurgaon has the best farmhouses of DELHI NCR Offering plenty of space.

Best Wedding Cocktails

Best Wedding Planners

Wedding Cocktail Reception

More and more couples are turning to cocktail wedding receptions each year as an alternative to the traditional sit down reception dinner—for both financial and logistical reasons. If you are planning to throw a cocktail Wedding reception in Delhi ncr then you need to put in a great deal of effort to ensure that all goes well as people have a great deal of experience of great parties and have high expectations. So you should leave it to the professionals. Best wedding Planners will organize a cocktail reception for you the best and anywhere in Delhi Ncr. Best wedding Planners will ensure that the event is hot and happening without spending too much.

One way to ensure that a cocktail party is a great success is to hire a really good cocktail mixer or mixologist. A really good mixologist can make a variety of drinks for your guests and ensure that they are all in high spirits. People tend to possess a great deal of knowledge about different types of alcoholic beverages; when it comes to a cocktail making class Delhi partygoers tend to sign up with a great deal of enthusiasm.

Best Wedding Planners will make the cocktails that suit a particular theme in order to make the reception very entertaining. In fact, you could also ask the mixologist to make drinks of a particular color or using a specific main ingredient. You could also offer your guests low calorie drinks in keeping with the current trend of fitness and weight loss.

Your reception will be really rocking if you play the right music in addition to serving the best food and drinks. However, you do need to ensure that the music is played at the right volume that does not interfere with conversation and give people headaches.
Best Wedding planners has been spreading it's magic in DELHI NCR have a lot of ideas for your wedding so just meet us make your wedding the best in town.

Best Wedding Venues in Delhi Ncr


Wedding is a grand ceremony of your life and thus it has to be perfect. Families start worrying about it way earlier and as time come close clock starts ticking faster and heart too. Family, friends invitation, receiving them, shopping and so much more. One thing is always in the mind that something is left. Well now you need someone to be with you at all steps so just add BEST WEDDING PLANNERS in your family.

Season in which you are planning to get married matters the most while selecting your wedding venue. If it is during the winters, it is always better to choose an enclosed wedding venue where you get the option to control the dropping temperature. A lot of points are to be taken care of while selecting a venue so leave it to us.

Things to be taken care of while selecting a wedding venues:

  1. Season in which Wedding is held
  2. how many guest are attending the ceremony
  3. Parking Space

BEST WEDDING PLANNERS DELHI has been a pioneer in wedding planning. Nothing is more beautiful for us that organizing a successful wedding and watching the happy couple bonding to start a new relation.

Best Wedding Planners in Delhi

Best Wedding Mehandi Ceremony

Getting married is supposed to be a special and unforgettable moment in your life. Wedding is the time where family and friends come together to celebrate your new relationship. Every activity is different a has it's own essence. One such event is Mehandi. BEST WEDDING PLANNERS has professional artists as we know that this is your special day and you want to look immaculate and according to Hindu culture it is said that the better the color of your mehandi the stronger will be your relationship. You want everyone at your wedding to stare in awe as you walk down the aisle. If you want to have the best mehandi, you should get it done by professionals only and it is where BEST WEDDING PLANNERS steps in. BEST WEDDING PLANNERS ensure that the product we use does no harm your health and are natural to protect you from any allergy.

Applying mehendi to the bride and the groom before the wedding is one of the oldest Indian traditions. The ceremony, however, entails an elaborate application of mehendi designs on a bride’s hands and feet. As for the groom, a mere token of application of henna is a mark of good omen.

mehandi design
There are no rules anymore; you can choose whatever style of mehandi that you want. Best Wedding Planners will make a unique mehandi design for you. Best wedding Planners has the the best mehandi artists. Best Wedding planners is located in Nathupura. We are waiting for an opportunity . Best Wedding planners will never compromise with the quality of the service we offer.

Best wedding planners will solve all your query just contact us.

Get it done professionally by us .

Best Wedding Planners in Nathupur

Indian Loves celebrations and that is why we have so many festivals we enjoy every bit of it. Wedding is also another such event in everyone life that everyone dream about. If you have a girlfriend at least once even you would have talked about it. Even you have your own plans for your Wedding. We are BEST WEDDING PLANNERS IN DELHI and with our experience and unique ideas we can make your wedding a unique and grand wedding. We will plan and implement your dreams and ideas. Best Wedding Planners will guide you in every step.

Wedding Planning involves a lot of Planning as it involves a lot of activities. All the wedding activities are to be conducted with involvement of the family and it requires proper management. BEST WEDDING PLANNERS DELHI NATHUPUR has a professional team who will turn your wedding planning and management into a smooth process. BEST WEDDING PLANNERS will ensure that you spend all time you have with your family members.

Best Wedding planners believe that the keys to successful wedding, include organizing , prioritizing and timely execution of plan. We are high end designer wedding planners and Decorators who can help you with your entire event or select wedding events like just the reception, engagement, Moon entry theme, Mandir theme or the Mehndi function. Best wedding Planners has made many happy Indian couples and still counting. You are now at right place.



BEST WEDDING PLANNERS DELHIwill Take care of each and every detailing of your wedding. From venue selection to decor, choreography, catering, international stage acts, celebrity management, photographer, outfit selection, guest hospitality, etc. we are the Best Wedding Planners in Mehraulli and will give you the best wedding services.
Best Wedding Planners have Professional and well trained staff, vendors and wedding coordinators.Best wedding Planners will plan, conceptualize, organize and handle your dream wedding the way you can only dream. You will have nothing to complain or worry about.

BEST WEDDING PLANNERS has a lot of wedding venues for you.

Highlights of the wedding venues:

  • A/C Halls
  • Parking Available
  • In House DJ
  • In House Decoration


BEST WEDDING PLANNERS provides you the best wedding services in mehraulli. we have a vast experience in organizing wedding event. We have a long list of satisfied clients who have a backbone of our business as we believe in customer satisfaction. BEST WEDDING PLANNERS values their customers as we know that they are the best way to expand our business rather than marketing. We believe in serving with quality.


  1. Wedding Ring Ceremony
  2. Wedding Sangeet
  3. Mehandi
  4. Wedding Reception
  5. Proposal Arrange

and to read about our services: BEST WEDDING PLANNERS IN DELHI SERVICES

Best Wedding Planners in Delhi

Best Wedding Planners in Delhi offer our client an excellent quality range of Wedding Services.  We have been in the business of organizing the most extravagant and lovely weddings for year. The team of the company knows what the client wants and has been working tirelessly at creating that perfect experience for them. Best Wedding Planners in Delhi NCR assure you that every penny spent on us is worth it. It is a full service organization that takes care of all things you need related to weddings. Whether it’s a caterer, decoration, lightning, a dance performance, the venue, or even the gifts you can leave all of this to us. Best Wedding Planners in Delhi, NCR work closely with you & your family to develop a wedding that is uniquely yours, reflecting your personality and individual taste. Whether you wish for a small and intimate affair, a large scale royal production, or an exotic island wedding, a big fat Bollywood wedding we will make your event special and memorable and most importantly your-day-your-way!


Best Wedding Planners Sangeet Ceremony in delhi

Wedding Sangeet is an Integral part of wedding according to hindu marriage rituals. Sangeet is held for bride day before wedding and is marked by the family and relatives union. This ritual is marked by music and dance and that is why it is  called sangeet ceremony. Sangeet ceremony like most of the pre-wedding rituals are designed in a away that there is a scope of entertainment.

In Sangeet ceremony at bride's home women relatives and friends play the dholki and sing suhaag.Women in this ceremony sing traditional folk song including 'jokes' about the in-laws, and would be husband.They talk about how to have a successful marriage and songs about the bride leaving her parents home. Traditionally only the women celebrated this ceremony but nowadays the concept has changed as both men and women participate to celebrate this occasion. Sangeet ceremony includes dance, food, attending guests all this takes  lot of organizing and planning, which is a hectic job but not anymore The BEST WEDDING PLANNERS in  delhi ncr will organize a wedding event just the way you want it.

For Best Wedding Planners sky is the limit when it comes to planning a sangeet. There are no set rules and you can pour out all your bridal dreams if you have a permissive budget. The attire one chooses for the sangeet is one of the best in the trousseau, second only to the wedding attire. But unlike the wedding attire, one can experiment here with several styles and designs.

Best wedding Planners  located in delhi will help you in organizing all the event in the sangeet ceremony. We have a team of professionals who will ensure that each and every event is organized in time and you will have the whole time to be with your family and friends. So don't waste your time thinking just meets us.

Best Wedding Planners Reception In DELHI


Wedding Receptions


Wedding binds two love one and once the Knot has been tied, everyone wants  to celebrate and heads to reception party. Reception is thus the much anticipated event  of the wedding. It is the time to show hospitality to your relatives and friend and the BEST WEDDING PLANNERS is there to help you out by giving you the halls that are close to your locations to ensure comforts of your relatives.

Best Wedding venue that is close to you is the first things you look, for your wedding but in wedding season it is hard to find a wedding venues in Delhi. Wedding venue and it's decoration gives the first impression to your guest . BEST WEDDING PLANNERS  has a wide network in Delhi  and have associated banquets, community halls or  restaurants. Best Wedding planners will discuss with you and provide you the venue considering your choice as you are our priority.

Wedding reception includes :

Giving a warmth welcome to the guest and for being there and sharing their time a be a part of this beautiful moment.

Wedding is then followed by the time where people mingle with each-other have drinks and toast. It is the time when people know each other and expand their social circle.

Best wedding Planners will provides you the best  Entertainment such as disc jockeys, live bands, professional dancers , fire artists and even comedians  to heighten the festivities and make the wedding stand out.

Finally a wedding is concluded with cake cutting. A wedding cake is a light delight and is the best way to conclude a wedding .It is after cake that people start leaving to their homes.

Best Wedding Planners are the ultimate solution for you we know it better. We have made people happy by giving them the best reception of their wedding be it in Delhi or any other location. Best Wedding Planners rules .




You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better

wedding is a ceremony in which people who are in love with each other decides to tie the knot for lifetime. A commitment in which they vow to share their problems and difficulties for the rest of their life.  wedding rings a bells of happiness not only for the couple but gives a reason to all friends and  family to unite, enjoy and be a part of the celebration of their loved ones. Wedding May be celebrated differently in different cultures according to their customs and traditions but the essence of bonding of love is same. BEST WEDDING PLANNERS knows the importance of cultural values so whatever your culture is Best Wedding Planners understands you better that is why BEST WEDDING PLANNERS have been the first choice of the people of DELHI  NCR. BEST WEDDING PLANNERS has a vast experience in organizing wedding sangeet, wedding ring ceremony, wedding reception or anything related to wedding .

Western or Indian Wedding ????
 Whichever type of wedding you want BEST WEDDING  PLANNERS WILL ORGANIZE  it.  BEST WEDDING PLANNERS will organize your wedding within your budget . Well now You don't have to worry about all this as BEST WEDDING PLANNERS  with a experienced staff will give your wedding the edge over others.Wedding Location is the first point of impression and Best wedding planners has a wide network of banquet halls and hotels which will be your first choice too.

Plenty of Parking
Make sure the site is near a good parking lot, garage or big, empty street where it's legal (and safe) to park. If parking is a problem, look for other ways to get everyone to the party. Can a shuttle bus or vans take guests from the ceremony to the reception? Inadequate parking isn't necessarily a deal breaker, but it may mean spending more time and money to figure out a viable transportation alternative.

Wedding will no more cause you stress as we will be always there for you and a step ahead and it will be a lifetime experience of you. We will plan a wedding that will give you the life-time experience to groom,bride their family and friends.

Your dream wedding is just a call away from you. contact us.. as we mean it when we say that we are the BEST WEDDING PLANNERS.

Best wedding planners
Best Wedding Planners