Best Wedding Planners Sangeet Ceremony in delhi

Wedding Sangeet is an Integral part of wedding according to hindu marriage rituals. Sangeet is held for bride day before wedding and is marked by the family and relatives union. This ritual is marked by music and dance and that is why it is  called sangeet ceremony. Sangeet ceremony like most of the pre-wedding rituals are designed in a away that there is a scope of entertainment.

In Sangeet ceremony at bride's home women relatives and friends play the dholki and sing suhaag.Women in this ceremony sing traditional folk song including 'jokes' about the in-laws, and would be husband.They talk about how to have a successful marriage and songs about the bride leaving her parents home. Traditionally only the women celebrated this ceremony but nowadays the concept has changed as both men and women participate to celebrate this occasion. Sangeet ceremony includes dance, food, attending guests all this takes  lot of organizing and planning, which is a hectic job but not anymore The BEST WEDDING PLANNERS in  delhi ncr will organize a wedding event just the way you want it.

For Best Wedding Planners sky is the limit when it comes to planning a sangeet. There are no set rules and you can pour out all your bridal dreams if you have a permissive budget. The attire one chooses for the sangeet is one of the best in the trousseau, second only to the wedding attire. But unlike the wedding attire, one can experiment here with several styles and designs.

Best wedding Planners  located in delhi will help you in organizing all the event in the sangeet ceremony. We have a team of professionals who will ensure that each and every event is organized in time and you will have the whole time to be with your family and friends. So don't waste your time thinking just meets us.

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